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HAVANI uses handmade components from Belgian family businesses, specialising in their craft for generations. Discover our selected partners below.



We joined forces with a local family company specialised in the wholesale of natural stone since 1983, but they were already cutting marble blocks as a department of the construction company Danilith n.v. since the 1960’s.

With depots in Belgium, France and Great Brittain, BMB has 55000 m² of warehousing and the most advanced overhead gantries.

Next to natural stone they also distribute European A-brands Neolith for sintered stone and Technistone for engineered quartz. They are also the official distributor of the Belgian market leader Diresco.

Our partner located next to our office, where we handpick our table top materials.

LIVE STOCK: https://www.bmb.be/en/artikelen



We joined forces with a local family company with a keen fascination in metals since 1959. Our partner for customizing, lasering, bending, rolling, welding, cutting, sandblasting and powder coating our steel sheet components, including in the authentic Corten steel material.

When we first contacted the owner Koen De Waele and asked what their specialty was and what they genuinely love doing, he replied me: “The rarer the assignment, the more joyful we engage in it.”

They take new projects seriously, love a challenge and gladly help professional clients with their product development in every way they can.



We joined forces with a local family company specialised in the customization of natural stone since 1987.

Agra Natuursteen is known for customizing natural stone in the higher segments of interior design and has a well chosen name that symbolises their non-stop striving for perfection.

In the Indian town “Agra”, we still find the 17th century impressively built Taj Mahal mausoleum, entirely made out of white marble and standing on a massive marble platform of 10000m².

Our partner also located next to our office, where our impressive stone tabletops are perfectly cut and finished by their artisans.

D. Campens


We joined forces with a local family company specialised in customizing wooden furniture since 1951.

With a ‘hands on’ mentality and generations of know-How and true artisanship, they fluently adapt to the customer’s wishes in a way you can’t imagine.

Our local partner for our hardwood tabletops.

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