"HAVANI Table on TV show 'Blind Bought'"

“We had the honor of seeing this beautiful Papillon table shine in the popular TV show ‘Blind Bought’. This table immediately caught the attention of both viewers and interior design enthusiasts.”

An Exceptional Location

The recordings took place in a unique setting within a gallery of collectible design pieces, which also houses the real estate agency of Kinga Kantorska. This location not only exudes luxury and professionalism but also a distinctive style and warmth.

Discover the HAVANI Table Yourself

Have you become curious about the HAVANI table after watching Blind Bought? Then pay a visit to the gallery of interior specialist Adventure of Living in Herk-de-Stad. Here you can admire, touch, and experience this table up close. The gallery offers an inspiring environment with a wide range of authentic design classics and innovative designs featuring high-quality materials and finishes. It’s the perfect place for anyone seeking new inspiration for their interior.

Acknowledgment to Play4

We would like to thank Play4 for capturing and sharing these beautiful images. Thanks to their professional approach and eye for detail, they have perfectly captured the beauty of the HAVANI table.”

Belvedere Quartzite from Brazil, in a Brushed surface Finish from the Italians


  • 2700 mm  x 1280 mm x 750 mm

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