PAPILLON Ellips - Indoor

The Papillon’s octagon centered forged and bent steel frame, can stabily carry a large natural stone and more. Everything you need to ‘Share a Lifetime’.

From 2760€


  • 3150 x 1310 x 750 mm
  • 2700 x 1280 x 750 mm
  • 2300 x 1250 x 750 mm



Natural stone

Engineered quartz

Sintered stone


  • CUSTOM: Length and/or Width
  • CUSTOM: Tabletop shape (Oval, Ellips, Rectangular)
  • CUSTOM: Frame color in a non-standard RAL color
  • CUSTOM: Tabletop from the livestock @
  • EDGE: Beveled, Sharknose or Half Circle
  • OCTAGON: Inlay in the same material as the tabletop
  • FRAME: Pearl Blasted Stainless Steel

Papillon story

Butterfly drawings were first found on a 3000 year-old tomb wall in Egypt.

Havani honors this ancient form in modern times with a design table that balances out a butterfly silhouette, sprouting its form from a central heart in the shape of an octagon, that stably connects each table leg whilst preventing users from accidently hitting the legs because of its asymmetrical design.

Frederic Haven

Frédéric Haven