Tables enhance meaningful connections between people, generations and cultures

Sharing a Lifetime

Is something Ancient

It’s our wish to fulfill the need for a centerpiece at home to consume, share stories and make memories, by creating useful, durable and beautiful tables to ‘Share a Lifetime’.

Emotion driven design

is about feelings

  1. Usefulness: Our solid tables that are designed to last and offer practical value, are useful in every way.
  2. Pleasantness: Users are delighted with unique Look & Feel experience and luxurious materials, eliciting positive emotions.
  3. Rightfulness: With generations of experience and expertise partnerships, we ensure the finest Belgian craftsmanship to manufacture our tables. Creations that were born from aesthetic, structural and emotion driven designing methods.
table indoor

We design

To create value

We are constantly looking for new ways to create more customer value in our segments.

F.e.: Tubular steel frames are strong, easy to get and cheap in manufacturing, but we prefer a pre-calculated minimum use of perfectly bent, lasered and dismountable steel sheets, put together in harmony to stabily carry a large natural stone and more. Everything you need to ‘Share a Lifetime’.

This is just one example of how we delight our customers, but click here to discover 10 more delights.

With the assistance of

family, friends and partners

Founder Frédéric Haven gave birth to a vision and established the HAVANI brand in 2020.

With a knack for sales and a passion for design and material science, Frédéric participated in his father’s consultancy firm – Frenico International – that’s mainly experienced in the natural stone industry, where he learned how to help small to medium sized family companies grow and /or strategically transform with the support of the Flemish government (Vlaio).

He invested in a longterm Management Course at Vlerick Business School and found an opportunity to start branding his own designs of high-quality tables under the label HAVANI.

Are you ready to share a lifetime?