London Dining Room

240 cm diameter, 4 pieces of marble and a ‘Lazy Suzy’ on top, those are the elements that define this customized Papillon Table.

We met with this customer in Paris during the “Maison et Objet” exhibition, to discuss their need for a large round table with marble tabletop. Our Round Papillon Design Table can fit tabletops with a diameter of 120 cm to +- 160 cm, depending on the maximum height of the selected tabletop material.

Fortunately for this project, we could easily modify the frame and subframe of our Oval Papillon Design Table and use two Carrara Marble slabs instead of one. The result is magnificent but the customer didn’t leave it at that, they also required a “Lazy Suzy” in the center of the table, strong enough to carry heavy cooking pots.

Since we were still virgins in the world of ‘Lazy Suzies’, we engineered our own version in massive ebony wood with a slightly brushed finish and sharknose edge, identical as the edge of the marble.

Upon delivery, our customer thoroughly tested the functionality and called the Lazy Suzy “the chocolate on her new cake”.

That makes this London Dining Room ready to Share a Lifetime.

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