Luxury apartment with view on the water

In the heart of Antwerp, old charm easily merges with contemporary finishes.

A picturesque image of the water, serves as a backdrop for the terrace decorated with an oval Papillon design table by HAVANI.

Round and oval dining tables, offer the advantage that all users are easily involved in a conversation. Indeed, more connection takes place than at square or rectangular tables.

Ceramic tabletops, with or without marble imitations, remain very much in demand in the outdoor market. They do not offer the character of a natural stone but stand the test of time, untouched by the vagaries of the weather or the passing of the seasons.

On top of that, they are scratch and stain free and hot pans or pots can be placed on top without risks.

Besides the aesthetic value and the value of connection, HAVANI’s asymmetrical butterfly base, along with an oval solid ceramic table top, offers practicality.

Enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living in style at this HAVANI table in Antwerp.


  • 3150 x 1310 x 750 mm

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