A composite material made of crushed quartz bound together by an adhesive.

Noble Concrete Grey Technistone design tafel

Noble Concrete Grey - Rained & Matt finish

Noble Concrete Grey is a colour from Technistone’s best selling Noble collection. It has a beautiful modern look and a totally unique feel-me texture.

Crystal Absolute White - Polished & Matt finish

Technistone Crystal Absolute White, is one of the whitest composites available, using the whitest sands of our planet.

Crystal Belgium - Polished & Matt finish

Crystal Belgium is Technistone’s imitation of the Belgian natural blue stone. It’s a bestseller in Benelux market for kitchen tops.

Characteristics & Maintenance

A mixture of approximately 93% stone is heated and compressed under vaccuum in a large press where vibrations help to compact the mixture, resulting in an isotropic slab with virtually no porosity.

Engineered Quartz is very strong and scratch and stain resistant in all finishes.

Only for indoor usage.

Clean with water or non-agressive products.
Avoid using cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide.

Noble Concrete Grey Technistone design tafel