Quarried on all continents and transported over the seven seas, granite is regarded as a symbol of strength and durability for centuries.

Nero Zimbabwe - Honed or Polished


Nero Zimbabwe is one of the purest black granites available. A honed or polished finish, accentuates the stone’s natural structure and feels incredibly smooth.

Nero Zimbabwe Flamed & Brushed tabletop for design tables

Nero Zimbabwe - Flamed & Brushed


Nero Zimbabwe is one of the purest black granites available. A flamed and brushed finish adds extra character to the stone’s natural structure.

Belvedere - Honed, Polished or Brushed


Belvedere is a rather extraordinairy type of granite because it consists of pieces of quartzite as well. The gold and white accents, elevate this granite to one of the highest levels of luxurious design.

The brushed surface finish, also called “Leatherlook”, Satinato or Patinato in some markets, is our preferred choice of finish for this material but customers can choose a polished or honed finish as well.

In addition to this standard range, you can also choose your favourite marble from the live stock of our partner:

Characteristics & Maintenance

Granite is an igneous natural rock (derived from the Latin word “ignis”, meaning fire) that is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma deep under the earth’s crust.

Granite is a very strong natural stone and is scratch and stain resistant in all finishes, including polished.

Indoor and outdoor usage.

We recommend Lithofin Easy-clean to clean and to maintain your Havani granite top.