Hardwood shows annual growth rings and other appealing grain markings

European Oak

European Oak (Quercus Robur) is a temperate wood that grows taller than the average American Oak species and is often used for specialty longer length planks. Both species are known as ‘White Oaks’ and are durable and strong, with a longstanding reputation of longevity.

We chose to use European Oak because it has a more wavy and interesting grain pattern and a gorgeous naturally rich golden honey hue.

Characteristics & Maintenance

Hardwood has a more complex structure than softwood and often grows much slower.

Hardwoods are more resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Indoor usage only.

Regularly and immediately clean after usage with a wet towel, preventing fluids from entering the pores. Do not use aggressive products, our partners process the slabs with a health proof, maximum protection treatment.