Natural stone

Layers of quartzite can shape competent ledges in the earth’s landscape

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White Fantasy - Polished finish


One of the best sold Brazillian quartzites with great white values and calacatta marble lookalike details without any of the disadvantages of real marble.

Brown Silk - Brushed or polished finish


Brown silk quartzite has a dark grey to brown background and shows white linear vains mostly in one direction.

In addition to this standard range, you can also choose your favourite marble from the live stock of our partner: bmb.be/en/artikelen

Characteristics & maintenance

A natural stone mainly existing of the mineral Quartz. Because of the hardness of quartzite and the relatively low erosion-sensitivity, layers of quartzite can shape competent ledges in the earth’s landscape.

Although there are many different types of quartzites, Havani only selects appropriate quartzites that combine a gorgeous design with usability. These quartzites are very hard and offer a higher scratch resistancy than f.e. marble. Unlike limestone, there is no chalk inside quartzite meaning lime attack stains from acids are far less likely to occur, making this natural stone well suitable in all finishes, including polished.

Indoor usage only.

Our Quartzites are protected by Lithofin Nanotop.
We recommend Lithofin Easy-clean to clean and to maintain your Havani quartzite top.

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