Powder coated or

Pearl Blasted stainless steel

Electrostatically charged powdered paint, or microscopical pearls blasting the elements?

RAL 9010 powder coating design table

Warm white

RAL 9010 – Structured or matt finish

RAL 7035 Powder Coated design table

Light grey

RAL 7035 – Structured or matt finish

RAL 7006 powder coating design table


RAL 7006 – Structured or matt finish

RAL 7039 powder coated design table


RAL 7039 – Structured or matt finish

Bronze Fantôme

RAL 9005 – High Gloss Finish

RAL 9005 powder coating design table


RAL 9005 – Structured or matt finish

All RAL colors and finishes

All RAL colors and powder coating finishes are available on demand. Contact us with your table frame color wish!

Characteristics & Maintenance

Powder-coating is a technique where dry powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the object to then melt in an oven and coalesce into a continuous film that covers the object.

Stainless steels are most natable for their corrosion resistance because of their chromium content by mass. Stainless steel is an ideal material for our applications where both strength and corrosion resistance are required. Naturally it looks silver to light grey, like the picture on the right.

We also offer our table frames in natural stainless steel color but then a Pearl Blasting treatment replaces the Powder Coating

Indoor and outdoor usage.

Use a sponge and water, or a multicleaner – common kitchen cleaning product, no aggressive product, to remove stains, fingerprints or dirt. You can use a soft cloth, microfibre cloth, or soft brush as well but do not rub too hard or too long.

The impact of sharp objects can damage the coating. Small visible damages can be touched up with our paint solutions from our partners. Contact us or your nearest ambassador for further assistance.

Stainless Steel Pearl Blasted Design Table