Press: HAVANI, a new artisanal furniture brand

Our founder, Frédéric Haven, was interviewed by journalist Elien Haentjens to publish a story about HAVANI for the special ZEN edition of Feeling Wonen | Gael Maison.

The article was published on page 22 out of 356 pages, an astonishing achievement for the magazine as this was their biggest edition ever. Congratulations to their entire team!


Inspired by his father, who worked in the natural stone industry for a long time, and his own love and knowledge of natural materials, Frédéric Haven launched his design label HAVANI in 2020. Under this brand, he has launched two exquisite models for indoor and outdoor use: the rectangular Marcello and the oval Papillon.

For the production of the made-to-order tables, which on average require more than twenty hours of manual labour, he joins forces with local Belgian family businesses.

“Unlike in neighboring countries, many small players still operate here who have specialized in one craft for generations, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our numerous materials and finishes.

We impregnate natural stone tops with #nanotechnology so that more protective liquid can penetrate deeper into the pores of the stone. As a result, the centuries-old stone retains its #tactility and at the same time the table is better protected against stains,” says Haven.

“In addition, I choose the materials very carefully. Although there are hundreds of types of stone, not all are equally suitable but the final decision lies with the customer. Above all, I try to give them as much information as possible, so they can make a well-considered choice and afterwards can enjoy their table in peace and without worries.”


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