New, Belgian and groundbreaking: Havani

A new player in the market for timeless, high-end tables. The company HAVANI effortlessly combines age-old craftsmanship with contemporary and, above all, timeless design.

The first line indoor & outdoor tables from HAVANI impress immediately. The tables seem to push the boundaries of what is actually possible thanks to a well thought-out design. So it’s not surprising that HAVANI managed to secure a place at the MAISON ET OBJETS 2020 exhibition in Paris Villepinte with its MARCELLO & PAPILLON tables. At the “BELGIUM IS DESIGN” boot, Havani, together with other upcoming Belgian designers, will be presenting their new range at Maison et Objet 2020, the international authority in the field of home design, interior design and lifestyle.


The MARCELLO table exudes a luxurious and inviting vibe both inside and outside. A family dinner, tête-à-tête with a loved one or a champagne breakfast next to the pool. Anything is possible and nowhere the timeless MARCELLO design will stand out of tune. Certainly not with the corresponding MARCELLO benches.

In regards to the choice of colors and materials, customers are truly delighted at HAVANI. A table top in hardwood, natural stone or quartz composite combined with a frame in coated steel, stainless steel or authentic corten steel, allows a unique number of color combinations both indoor and outdoor.

What is striking is the exceptional materials at Havani, such as corten steel, a Brazilian quartzite or an exclusive Italian marble such as the Breccia Capraia. Each in itself, they radiate pure class.

Marcello table and benches

An original design that’s comfortably, timeless and beautifully finished. The PAPILLON keeps it tight and is the perfect partner for dinners, meetings and many unforgettable moments with family and loved ones.

The floating table top is chosen from a wide selection of natural stone and sintered stone, each one available with uniquely finished edges. Even the inlay octagon in the center of the PAPILLON frame can be finished in the same luxurious material.

Papillon table - Emperador Light - Poco Vecchio marble

Sharing a lifetime, that is the spirit behind these timeless designs, created to last a lifetime.

Havani - Sharing a lifetime