Under a 1000 year old olive tree

We were so excited to be a part of this stunning project. The architecture, the location & the refined taste of the owners, what a result.

We’ve encountered this customer accompanied by their architects from Laboratoiredesign, during our attendance at Maison & Objet 2020, a shared participation with the top of Belgian designers, curated by Flanders DC and WBDM.

They were looking for a 1800 x 1800 mm square table with a natural stone tabletop to put under a 1000 year old olive tree. The table needed to be elegant but also highly durable because of the high concentration of salt in the air. Luckily they came to the right brand because we are material experts and so we made the customer choose from a selection of the hardest natural stones on the planet, that have appropriate characteristics for outdoor usage.

They selected the Blue Limestone du Hainaut, a grey Belgian marble of approximately 355 million years old which displays lots of crinoids (skeletons of old marine animals).

For the metal frame, the customer demanded only the best and so we ordered stainless steel 316, which is the hardest and most expensive stainless steel available. The customer then chose a grey RAL color, matching the selected paint on the outdoor walls of the terrace and outdoor kitchen but also matching the selected natural stone top.

The breathtaking view on the Es Vedrà, one of the most magical spots on Ibiza together with Atlantis, finishes this project with a bang. The pictures further resemble the scope of this magnificent realization.

Do you also fancy a tailored design table from HAVANI? Contact us.


Architect: laboratoiredesign


Instagram: laboratoiredesign

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