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To ensure the best quality and best offer of materials, Havani joined forces with local family companies who create our components partly or entirely by hand.

Through experience and aptitude in their field, they’ve reached the expressive levels of real artists, hence “artisans”. They rightfully take pride in their work because they are the ones bringing the exquisite beauty and distinctive character of our materials into the spotlight.

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Simplistic elegance

at its finest

HAVANI delights customers with elegant, neat, sleek, modern and simplistic designs, that fit plenty of beautiful environments, partly thanks to the large offer of colours and materials.


yet usable

Natural stone offers almost endless varieties but at Havani we tend to focus on luxurious yet usable selections. Most granites and quartzites have proper characteristics for daily usage on horizontal applications such as tables or kitchen worktops, but thanks to modern nanotechnology, HAVANI’s methodology and expertise partnerships, users can also enjoy real marble tops.

Next to natural stone we also offer natural hardwood, sintered stone and engineered quartz tops.


and hot

Sintered stone is so hard that it outperforms almost anything. It’s considered to be scratchfree from other materials in all but polished finishes, with a few exceptions such as diamonds and ceramic knives.

Withstanding temperatures up to 800 degrees celcius, hot pans and pots can be placed on top.

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There are only 2 ways to protect a real marble top:

  • By adding a transparent layer of epoxy on top that is considered to be highly scratch sensitive, won’t feel like it looks and could get damaged over time, allowing fluids to stain the stone nonetheless.
  • By impregnating the stone with sealants that penetrate the surface and accumulate within the capillary walls.

Both methods cannot be applied in the same time because after impregnation, the stone will be impervious and the epoxy layer won’t stick.

Thanks to recent nanotechnology combined with the natural patination effect of real marble, HAVANI opts for the 2nd method. Products were already water and fat repellent in the past but now nano particles are much smaller and enter deeper in the pores and in larger quantities, better protecting the stone against stains.

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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines, applying engineering physics, engineering mathematics and materials science principles to design, analyze and manufacture.

HAVANI relies on this proven discipline because strength, stability and materials science, are key aspects in its designs. Next to the aesthetic value, every visible form, line and volume ends up with structural purpose.



Water has been cutting in the earth’s crust for millions of years (Cfr. Grand Canyon), but nowadays machines can cut thin layers in a matter of minutes.

A mixture of high-pressure water and abrasive is ejected from a narrow nozzle, cutting directly through the material with a beam that has twice the speed of sound.

HAVANI offers uniquely finished edges on all floating tops, including sintered stone, which is a welcome novelty in today’s market and an extra value for the customer.



Occasionally we offer – one size only – limited edition products with higly exclusive natural stone tops, aimed at helping Business Partners maximise resources.

Proponents of Circular Economy suggest that a sustainable world does not mean a drop in the quality of life for consumers. These limited edition HAVANI products increase authenticity awareness and thus optimise Customer Experience.



Havani joined forces with European market leading brands Neolith for Sintered stone tops and Technistone for Engineered Quartz stone tops.

Would you like to combine your tabletop with your kitchen worktop, please contact us or your closest ambassador for all currently available options. Our partners can also manufacture your kitchen worktop in the same material as your HAVANI tabletop.



Are you that person unable to choose from standard collections?

Would you like to handpick your favourite stone slab out of 1000 different stones and finishes?

Contact us or your closest ambassador to organise a tour on site.